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Our mission is to provide members with more opportunities to promote and sell their products.  Your membership is a licence to use our trademarked logo.

The Kodiak Farmers Market is winding down and will be switching to once a month from October.  many of our members sell there.

Bear Town Market has been another great opportunity to sell during cruise ship season.

Use the membership directory to contact fellow Made In Kodiak members to put together some popup shows and let us know so we can help promote them.  

The link to book and pay for Fall Show spaces will is up.  The venue has changed to the Kodiak Baptist Mission and it will run from 11am to 7pm instead of Friday night and Saturday.  The date for this is October 19th.  The cost for this show will be donation of canned goods or paper products plus $10/ table to cover advertising expenses.  

There will be a members meeting for conducting elections immediately following the show.  Made in Kodiak will be arranging food for this.  Look for in your mailbox for a letter regarding election nominations this week.   BOARD VACANCIES: We are looking for a new President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Please email president@madeinkodiak.org for more information on what is involved. You may now complete your nominations online. Voting will be in person and will be held after the fall show members meeting.

Member Profile blogs help promote your online presence.  Please write a profile and email it to webmaster@madeinkodiak.org so we can get it up and working for you.

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Members please update your profile blogs,  Maintain the layout of one image and outline the who, what, when. where, how.  You may add links to your websites and blogs can be shared to social media to help promote you and your products.  Once you feel you are ready send text and photo to webmaster@madeinkodiak.org to upload for you.  You can make edits anytime just send an email.  Feel free to ask our board for help with this.

Bear Country Kreations is a small family owned business in Kodiak, Alaska. We create custom antler handles for unique but useful home and outdoor products. We make approximately 25 different products out of deer, elk, moose and caribou antler. We can also repair or replace damaged handles for specialty serving ware.

Hello and welcome to my store...my little nook on eBay. My name is Danielle and I live on Kodiak Island in Alaska with my wonderful husband of 24 years. Our 4 grown children also live here along with 5 of our 6 grandchildren. I love crafting and up until recently, crocheting. I crocheted almost everyday but due to that...

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There are many documents that you will be able to download on this page in the near future.  Among these will be show layouts. mailing lists and more tools to help promote your business.  As we grow we would like feedback from members on what we can do to improve this website.

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