A brief history of MIK

Made in Kodiak was founded in 2005 with the intention to help local artists to promote their products and  to be recognized via our trademarked brand and certification as authentic Made In Kodiak products.  Requirements are sourcing raw materials as much as possible and 100% labor content within the Kodiak Island Archipelago.  Applicants are subject to board inspection for verification and certification to be accepted.  We started with one annual member only Fall Show and have expanded this to include a Spring Show in recent years.  Look for our brand on the tag or label to ensure you are buying an authentic Made In Kodiak product.

2022 MIK Board Members

Judi Kidder

 Past President

Member Since 2005

Misty Downs Lee


Member Since 2016

Sara Sundsten


Member Since 2008



Member Since

MIK Membership fees

Fees are due on January 1st of each year.  Fees are considered overdue if not paid by March 31st.  Membership will be suspended and ineligible for member only shows on April 1st.

Individual membership fees 2022

*Fees  cover the logo licencing and access to additional education and marketing benefits through our organization.

$50 Annually

Prorate available for new members upon board approval.




Membership advantages


  • One member only show per year
  • Crab Fest Booth space and insurance
  • Website profile and public member directory
  • Business workshops
  • Access to member site marketing tools
  • Help with organizing exhibitions
  • Licenced use of our trademarked brand

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