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You Say it and I'll Sew It!

"You Say It and I'll Sew It!"

My name is Judi Kidder. I am a seamstress and I have been sewing for over 35 years.

I moved to Kodiak, Alaska in July 2004 and and found the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness has sparked my imagination and creativity.

Kodiak Island is situated 250 miles from Anchorage off the coast of Alaska. It can be reached by a 45 min flight from Anchorage or by a 6-8 hour ferry ride. Kodiak is home to the largest bruin in North America, the Kodiak Brown Bear and you may see some of the pictures of these incredible animals on the photo page as I add to it. The island is also home to foxes, squirrels, Sitka Black Tail deer, puffins, whales, sea otters and majestic bald eagles.

Because of the high annual rainfall the island is green in the summer earning the nickname "The Emerald Isle"

All of the items on my site have been made exclusively by me and the fabrics I choose follow an Alaskan Wildlife Theme. All items on this site are subject to fabric availability and when I can get off island to go "shop". Sometimes I can only get a couple of yards of a particular fabric and can only make 3-4 items which adds to it's uniqueness.

If an item is temporarily out of stock or discontinued I will e-mail back within 24 hours if I haven't already noted it on the website.

I do take custom orders and will have a page in the future to select fabrics from. If you have something in mind that I don't have on this website please e-mail me and I am sure I can make it.

"You Say It and I'll Sew It!"

We are subject to extreme weather changes with no advance warning and the airport can be shut down for days due to snow and (or) high winds. This can delay deliveries and is beyond my control. But that is the price I pay to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.