Sara's Loot

Sara Alison Sundsten 

Sara's Loot - Bounty from the sea

I am a lifelong Alaskan and a traditional crafts artist whose work is rooted in my upbringing on my family's homestead village at Flat Horn Lake, Alaska. 

My hand made objects are an expression of my heritage, beliefs and practices.  My art reflects my community's shared cultural values, history, and experiences.  My influences are a combination of living on a homestead, my family and other families living in the village. 

"Bounty from the sea..."

I focus on handmade objects from Kodiak utilizing all things natural and some things recycled.  My knowledge of art along with my artistic vision has developed into my own self-taught art form using an assortment of wood, driftwood, sea shells, seaweeds, plantlike & wormlike animals, sponges & corals, barnacles, urchins & sand dollars, sea stars & spiders, crabs, and objects along the coastline.

I make art because art is expressive, art is emotional and art is 100% imagination. I have discovered that art is therapeutic and over the years my art has evolved allowing me to excel as an emerging traditional fine artist. My traditional crafts have exceeded my expectations and creating art is extremely rewarding to me.