About Us


We would like to introduce you to the nonprofit organization Made in Kodiak™. The vision of the group’s founders in the early part of this century was to organize local artisans and promote their works. Out of that vision, evolved the nonprofit organization Made in Kodiak™. Made in Kodiak™ is a group of artisans and craftsmen who reside in the Kodiak Archipelago, a group of islands, including Kodiak Island, located in the northern Gulf of Alaska, 250 air miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.

The mission of Made in Kodiak™ is to promote and increase the sale of handcrafted goods created within the Kodiak Archipelago. Membership is open to those who reside in the Kodiak Archipelago and produce, manufacture, fabricate, or originate a product, to the extent possible using natural raw materials.

Each applicant’s work is reviewed by Made in Kodiak™ to ensure it is created and made within the archipelago. Only certified products are eligible to display the Made in Kodiak™ graphic, depicting a salmon and a bear paw. This graphic is registered with the federal copyright office and is also a registered Trademark.

Made in Kodiak

Made in Kodiak™ is a member organization of the nonprofit Kodiak Arts Council. Goals of the Kodiak Arts Council include providing support for diverse art forms, encouraging individual participation in the arts, supporting art education in the community and schools, and actively advocating for the arts at the community, state, and federal levels.


The Kodiak Archipelago is a remote and rugged group of islands in the northern Gulf of Alaska. The economy and lifestyle of this region is tied to the rich seafaring tradition. Tradition, natural beauty, and the abundant wildlife of this maritime region are captured in the art forms created by the people who inhabit the islands. We appreciate your support of Made in Kodiak™ artists.


For more information on becoming a member artisan of Made in Kodiak™ please click on the link “JOIN” above.